In parallel to the academical, we all have a certain education that comes from other sources. Mine has always tended to art. Thanks to my grandmother I have received, since childhood, much stimuli associated with the works of 'the great artists'. This series–made with paper cut-outs–is a reflection about the impact that their work has had on me. Primarily, I alude to some of their most famous pieces, or to those that first come to my mind when I think of them. 'For them, in blue' is a personal introspection, but also a project that aims to objectify 'their fame' fairly.

The series was later appropriated by Gonzalo Bustamante Moya. His intervention is a series of poems that unfold around the images, the aforementioned artists, and the concept of 'blue'. The typographical arrangement, and the shapes that he achieved with the verses and words, consistently play with the formality and the motif of the series. There is a relationship both visually and semantically between image and text.